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Hey cadets and cool kids!

If you haven’t already, you should join “The Aquacadets! Super Skype!” chat! It’s been too quiet in there recently and that definitely shouldn’t be the case with the new season going on! If you have Skype then come and make friends and join in on the fun! Talk about the Aquabats, talk about life, talk about whatever! Just remember to keep it clean!

Little warning though- We do discuss new episodes in there as they air, so if you don’t want any spoilers you might wanna leave the chat temporarily on any given day! We’re used to that though.. just come back when you’re ready/feel like it!

  1. yourgoodfriendraichel said: I’d love to but HOOOOOOOW?
  2. galestork said: ahh, i’d love to join!! uwu who should i add??
  3. thegrandcondesce said: Add Dominekoyasha, homies!
  4. martiangrrrl said: Aabubub how do I join??!
  5. magnificent-montague said: Who do I add and how fast can I get in!?
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