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I did it. I found the best photo from the con. I am so happy! This was taken when we were trying to find a Dante cosplayer that had requested to have our pizza box from the previous night’s dinner. A photographer caught us in the hallway and this masterpiece was born. Glorious!

I’m just gonna add on some other silly pics to this post. The next one is self explanatory. “Eagle” ballroom. And a grand eagle at that! Then there was a steampunk R2D2 that was just cool “One of Jimmy’s friends?” and finally there’s my friend Eden! She’s super duper awesome and I’m putting her picture up here because of reasons. Does she look familiar to any of you? (Because apparently one of you knows her and that’s completely and totally cool because DUDE LOOKIT HOW SMALL THIS WORLD IS!)

Are you guys tired of my face yet

Also some of you requested that I get a photo with a bird, I have an entire story about that, but it’ll be in another post.

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