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*points excitedly* Look! Miles is in the background of the second screenshot!

I forgot to say that I bought my ticket for the Jacksonville show on the 13th of May! Kind of grumpy that they won’t mail me a physical ticket, but meh. As for the Atlanta show, it’s still kind of a tossup on whether or not I’ll be able to make that one seeing as how far it is, but I’ll try to keep you updated in case anyone cares. :3

So, any fellow cadets going to be at the Jacksonville show? Eh? Eh? Pals? Yes?

Aquabats Anthology Submission form and Donations!

Whoa, what? This is a thing that still exists? Yeeeeeees it is! (You thought I forgot, didn’t you?)

Hey Cadets! Are you ready to submit your stories, art, photos, etc to The Aquabats! Awesome Anthology? Rad! Please do! But before ya do, please fill out our handy dandy submission form so we can credit you appropriately! The form can be found right here!

Make sure that you send the form and your submission under the same e-mail/name so we can keep track of your work!

Another important announcement is that we now have a paypal set up to accept donations for the book! We need your help, because without funding, this project won’t happen and all of the submissions will go to waste. We don’t want that to happen! We decided that donations are the best way to let people give as they’re able, therefore keeping us from making a mandatory $10 submission fee, or something like that.

Our goal is $250, and that will cover the design, printing, and shipping of 5 copies of the book to give to each member of the band. In order to entice people to donate, we’ve created a set of rewards as follows:

  • $5 – Bronze section: Your name in the thanks section
  • $10 – Silver Section: Bolded text in the thank you section
  • $20 – Gold section: A short message in the thank you section
  • $50 – Super Rad: All of the above plus stickers

If we get more than $250 then that money will go toward any extra potential shipping costs, and extra gifts for the guys.

Wanna donate? Sweet! Here’s a link to our donation page! It’ll also be on Aussied’s (hey, that’s me!) blog, with a snazzy donation button!

Thanks again, Homies! We can’t wait to see what you guys have for us and the band!

Maybe Tumblr Pro is… The raddest thing in the world!

I’m trying to figure out what I should pack and what I should leave at home for what will hopefully be my last college quarter and I’m stuck on if I should pack my Sailor Mercury cosplay or not.

See, I was like “Nawh, I’ll just leave it at home. Even with one potential opportunity to wear it, it’s suitcase space and I don’t feel like it.” But thennnn

"Wait, there are Aquabats concerts I might be going to… I could TOTALLY be Sailor Aquabat at a show…."

But at the same time I’m thinking that would be a TERRIBLE idea and as fun as it would be, I would probably get jostled around and squished and squashed and pulled and sweaty and gross and the poor outfit would get destroyed at a show… But man it’d be cool, right?

Should I pack it?

Not having the best of mornings due to finals stress…. but I’m trying to stay positive!

For those wondering- more information regarding The Aquabats Anthology is on it’s way. I’ve just been slammed with schoolwork and have been unable to focus on much else (gotta graduate, yanno!)

Anyway, since summit still hasn’t been announced, the March deadline is going to be extended by at least a month or two, so don’t stress about rushing anything! I have another example page in the works and the submission form is… kind of readyish (ish!!!)?

I promise I’ll get it up over spring break, which is in about three weeks for me. Until then, keep working on stuff or planning what you wanna say/draw/do/take pics of for your page! Woooo!

Sorry again for the delay. Thanks so much for your patience!



Oh, Someone doesn’t like cosplay.


I mean, you could have fun just wearing the uniform I guess.


Yeah man. There’s nothing wrong with just being yourself in uniform. It’s so easy!


Wow! Here I am in this outfit! No way someone could ever mistake me as dressing as a member of the band at a convention due to my hair resembling a certain guitarist or anything! I am totally original and myself and am walking around as myself, only I’m wearing an Aquabats costume! Whoa dude!


However, if I


then OH NO!!!




Haha no.


I don’t even know where that original comment was posted. Someone just tweeted it, so I’m adding my two cents. Don’t tell other cadets what to do. We can cosplay if we want to. It’s not like we’re running around claiming to be the guys. It’s fun, so we’re gonna keep doing it. We still act like ourselves and we all have our cadet selves, but there’s nothing wrong with dressing up for fun, so step off.