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I’m not kidding, man.

No, I’m not kidding, man! (She’s not kidding, man)


((please don’t forget to also donate if you can :’) ))

Have some pics of me as Fairy!Bones that we took while messing around before our “Not at SDCC” photoshoot! It was super windy when we took these and the wings were flopping around like crazy. Not a good day for flying!


I hope you guys are working on your Aquabats Anthology submissions! =D

If not…



Hey look! It’s a reminder to work on and submit/donate to “The Aquabats! Awesome Anthology!”

We’re still looking for stuff for this project! It’s off to a great start, but there’s room for a LOT more entries! Send in your art, concert/summit/event stories, photos, etc! This fandom is super talented, and I’m sure the guys would love to see your passion for their band and tv show! Celebrate their 20th Anniversary by being a part of this awesome gift from the fans to the guys! It’ll be a present that they’ll hopefully treasure for years to come, and YOU can be a part of it! How cool is that? WAY COOL!

As always, more info can be found here, and my inbox is always open to answer your questions! Our current deadline is August 9th, so don’t get left out!

((Also please donate to the project if possible! We have to pay for printing these books somehow! Thanks!!))

is the deadline for anthology submissions still the 14th? I'm gonna' try and get it all done by the end of the day, but if I had more time, I wanted to know. (i ask 'cause I maybe saw a summit date? But seriously I'll get it in either way)

Nope! I meant to make a post, but I got lazy. We’re extending the deadline to August or so, but an official date will be posted… …. at some point in the future. By SDCC we should know when summit is (rumor on the street has it in late fall?) but yeah!

Here’s another example of a page you could submit to The Aquabats Anthology! This is a work in progress of my own page. It might change a lot by the final product (or it might not… who knows!), but this one was mainly made as an example. The words will definitely be rewritten… The current ones are just there to get the juices flowing!

As you can see, you can combine lots of stuff onto one submission page! Art, photos, and stories/words of thanks/etc! This particular page would probably fall under the “Cadet Stories!” section of the book because of the writing being the main focus.

If you guys have any questions, as always: feel free to ask!

Happy Aquabaturday!

Why not celebrate it by working on your Aquabats Anthology page?

Draw, write (encounters/real life stories, no fanfiction), create, and donate! Anything to show your love for The Aquabats on their 20th Anniversary! Details behind the link!

The current deadline is June 14th!

Excuse me while I have a fangirl moment, but it’s time to break down all of the wonderful chaos that is in this video because WOW.

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I bought a display case for the Eaglebones pick I got last week at the Jacksonville show! Now it’s safe and sound!

When I picked it up I found that it was covered in sticky gunk. You can probably see it on the Lil Bat side. There were also fingerprints that I joked were Ian’s. I wanted to wipe ‘em off, but I was too scared I’d destroy the pick if I did since I heard the paint chips off of these things like nothing. I posted these photos up on Instagram and much to my surprise, Ricky commented on the Lil Bat one! He said that the sticky gunk is called “Gorilla Snot” and it’s actually pine tree sap used on guitar picks and drumsticks for better grip. Therefore, the fingerprints are more than likely Ian’s after all! Whoa! As silly as it is, I’m glad I didn’t wipe ‘em off now!