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Hrng. I know it’s probably not the best idea to say such things…

But I really really wanna be friends with Kenai and Anna.

Gotta dream, right?!


Kaleb said that he wanted to grow up to be Power Ranger, and so the Power Rangers wrote him back. :) Check it out at It’s stuff like this that makes me love cosplay and Power Rangers!


when you wake up but you don’t


when you wake up but you don’t

I dream about stuff related to The Aquabats way too much

though last night was kind of more centered on the tumblrbats?

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Omg I remembered my dream last night- I got to meet one of my internet friends and
1.) He lied about what he looked like, but whatever, that didn’t bug me so much.
2.) He was like “So I know we’ve only talked a few times, but I really like you and would like to be your boyfriend if that’s okay with you.” and I felt REALLY bad because he’s such a nice guy and sweet person but I was like
"I’m really sorry dude but I don’t have romantic feelings towards you and even if I did, I have a boyfriend so no…" Predictably he got really bummed and sad and I felt so bad and was trying to think of ways to make him feel better and things to say but I didn’t know what to do and it sucked.

I think in the end he felt a little better but ksedbjdskfjgdbf

The end.

I don’t remember the entirety of my dream last night, but I know it had to do with a gathering at a hotel that I had never been to (but I don’t think it was a con.)

I was running around in my rashguard and sloppily doing the Aquabats cosplay thing. I guess there was going to be a concert and I had found the hotel the band was staying in, so I decided to explore the place with some other fans. At some point when I was by myself The ‘Bats walked by and I just kind of froze and got really starstruck and stared at them wide eyed. They didn’t do much other than look over and smile, BUT IAN WAVED AT ME and my head about exploded and I got all shaky.

Most of the dream was spent walking/running around doing rather pointless things and seeing what the hotel looked like. At some point though I came to this large atrium at the center of the hotel. All of the rooms circled it and their windows could open up to look out over and into it. I poked around on the ground floor, enjoying palm trees, the indoor environment, and the sunshine filtering through the glass.

I glanced up at the rooms for the sake of looking around and saw Eaglebones and Ricky looking out over the area. I got all flustered again and watched them from under a palm tree, but I hid myself enough that I thought I was out of sight because I didn’t wanna be creepy, yanno? They were conversing with the window open, but the room was up so high that I couldn’t make out anything they were saying. Eventually Ricky left to go do whatever and I assumed that they were prepping for the concert because they were in costume now. Bones looked around the floor of the atrium and spied me and I about fell over when I noticed that he was staring me down. He smiled and started waving again in one of those “Hey, I saw you earlier!” ways and I slunk out from behind the tree and waved back, shyly at first, then more enthusiastically. I pointed at my Rock Band guitar that I painted to look like his and he laughed because he realized that I was cosplaying him. It was so cool, and he even turned around and told the guys… or at least I’m pretty sure that’s what he said because he turned around, called something to them, then gestured at me. I can’t remember if they all came to the window to look or not, but regardless I was so happy. :’D

That’s about all i remember from the dream! Boo! Maybe one day that it’ll come true! Only I’d love to actually get to talk with the guys and get my photo with Ian as Bones! Woo hoooooooo the end

I can’t remember all of my dreams from last night (Yes, plural.) but I know one of them involved Christian Jacobs and the other Aquabats members (old and new) picking me and some friends up from school, which for some reason was my old elementary school… but we were the ages that we are now? I just went through the doors to go outside after school and there was Christian sitting on the bench waiting for me. I sat down and waited for my friends to come out with Courtney (Chainsaw) and James (Jimmy) and just kind of casually talked to Christian, but I was trying to not discuss his role as The Bat Commander for some reason. I guess I wanted to be more personable with him, not just be like “SO THE AQUABATS…” Not talking about The Aquabats was REALLY difficult, though.

Yar. What weird dreams I have.

Man what is up with me and these bad Aquabats dreams recently?! Last night I dreamed that season 1.5/2 finally came out, but the premiere was on Easter day so I was busy doing family stuff. I woke up by chance on time to see the opening minute or two on The Hub (even though in real life I don’t get The Hub) and then fell back asleep and missed the rest of the episode!

Then they showed the same episode later in the day on Cartoon Network… Right during my nap! I woke up and caught the very tail end of the episode. ARGH. So I went on tumblr and everyone was raving about the episode and how great it was and had gif’d it etc etc and I was just like “crap” because I missed it and wanted to see it and was about to post asking if someone could livestream it and yeah.

I should stop having sucky dreams!